Words of Wisdom Angel Sign Figurine


During these times we must focus on being clean more than ever. Washing our hand has become more and more prevalent in todays society with this cute reminder you can get the message of cleanliness out even more with the "Words of Wisdom" angel sign from World of Wonders because cleanliness is next to godliness.

Designed in-house by our top designers crafted from quality polyresin and hand-painted to perfection. You will love the amazing quality of this item.

Measuring in at 6 full inches a great displayable size for any kitchen sink area or bathroom. Wherever you wash your hands this holy sign will give you a constant reminder in the most adorable way. Featuring a religious message that is cute and straight to the point.

 A great gift for any lover of angel decor and figurines with a positive relevant message for today. So add this beautiful statue to your collection and get your message across.

World of Wonders is committed to creating quality products for your home browse our extensive catalog for more great items from World of Wonders Gifts. Because life is too short for boring decor.